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Due to its cosmopolitan geographic position on the African continent, Ghana has many styles of traditional and modern music. The best known modern genre that has originated in Ghana is Highlife which was the preferred music genre until the introduction of HipLife and many others.

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Best of Ghanian High Life Music
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Classic High Life - Audio CD
This is a must buy for any one that likes West African highlife. I was presented with an excellent sample of all the most famous hits such as "Obey Amawo" and "Kwaa-Kwaa by A.B Crentsil and the Highlife Stars. The variety is superb and the tone is one of upbeat African pop. (Reviewer: A music fan from San Francisco via London)

Rough Guide To Highlife
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Upfront & Upbeat: West African guitars dance - The heyday of highlife was in the 1960s and 1970s, and the name describes and defines the popular guitar-led dance music of West Africa, primarily from Ghana and Nigeria. The Rough Guide to Highlife surveys this vibrant scene, featuring classic tracks of the era and the biggest artists in the genre.

Sunshine Day - by Osibisa (Ghana)
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Afro-rock combo Osibisa helped shape the world music sound of the 1970s with funky summer hits like 'Sunshine Day' and 'Dance The Body Music'. Both appear here on this all-encompassing compilation of their three albums form Bronze and Pye, plus non-album tracks. Castle Music. 2005.

Wango Wango
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Recall 2 CD presents 30 sun filled tunes from Osibisa, the band's percussive influence began to manifest itself within the music of their contemporaries. The Osibisa polyrhythms and percussive breaks were to be an integral feature of the disco boom that was to follow in the late 70's. Snapper Music. 2003.

Ohene Kesee A Ebin
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Asante - Audio CD
Asante masterfully incorporates traditional African drums (frontomfrom, atumpan [the true "talking drums"], apentema, kpanlogo, sogo, kidi) along with congas, ankle bells, chimes, shakers, cymbals, and assorted percussion into his massive setup, often playing many simultaneously! He plays with curved sticks (similar to those used on dondo or atumpan drums) in a style of his own invention. (Reviewer: A music fan from Alexandria, VA USA)

Golden Highlife Classics
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King Bruce & The Black Beats
This CD transports you right back to those days, and if you weren't born then, this is the best shot at giving you a good selection on highlife music as it was then.

Hit Sound Vol. 2
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The Ramblers - Audio CD
Reviewer: William from Texas The melodious sounds of the Ramblers provide with a taste of hi-life at its best. A must-own for any serious collector hi-life music from it golden era.

Master Drummer From Ghana
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Mustapha Tettey Addy - Audio CD
On this recording produced by Michael Steyn of Tangent Records, U.K., Mustapha Tettey Addy unleashes the rhythms of the Ashanti, Ga, Fanti, Ewe and Dagomba peoples of West Africa. This legendary master is captured here at his best in a classic and timeless solo performance

Rough Guide to Nigeria & Ghana
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charm is the key element, with a multitude of variations on local rhythms and instrumental combinations. Check out the two-string gourd molo, as played with brilliant panache by Captain Yaba; or revel in some of West Africa's best-loved party tracks, including those by C.K. Mann and Eric Agyeman

Field Recordings in Ghana: Drums of Death
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a masterfully selected & recorded document of recent performances of traditional & modern recreational musical forms in Ghana, West Africa! It is used in Voodoo funeral ceremonies, not for mourning purposes but as a celebration for the dearly departed moving on to the next world.

Ghana: Music of the Northern Tribes
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Song Of Legaa
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Kakraba Lobi - Audio CD
Listen to on-line samples

Sunshine Day: The Very Best Of
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Osibisa - Audio CD
Their blend of music which could best be described as a fusion Of Rock and Ghanaian Highlife with a jazzy Horn Section and Wicked Killer Percussion throwing in Santana-like Guitar Riffs validates This" Criss-Cross Rythyms That explodes with Happiness". The groups was a huge succcess in Europe,Africa and in India and Japan. Osibisa's music is happy and fun and You wouldn't regret having this or any of their Cd's in your collection. (Reviewer: A music fan from Oakland, Ca)

African Flight - Osibisa
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A Osibisa- Audio CD
Listen to on-line samples

Ojah Awake [IMPORT]
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Osibisa - Audio CD
Afro and Caribbean rythyms fill the works of Osibisa, aknowledged as a major inspiration for the popularity of world music. From the funny "Coffee Song" to lively danceable "Dance the Body Music," etc., and mellow works this album is one you will want to listen to over and over again. There is also a mystical sound to many of the pieces. (Reviewer: A music fan from Lakewood, CA United States)

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Osibisa - Audio CD

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